About Us

We at Child Care Courses Perth are Nationally Recognized Training Facilitators providing Certificate III in & Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care to those who want to kick start a career in child care and/or similar related jobs.

Our course provides children and their parents the ability to find professional care takers who will help to lead children to an abundant life and a successful career.

A child’s growth and development is very important to give them a bright future, and we at Child Care Courses Perth polish people in a way that allows them to work both emotionally and professionally for maximum results.

Reasons Why You Should Choose Child Care Courses Perth.

Experts in the industry

With a polite and professional team focused on giving the best education to our trainees, with state of art infrastructure and purposefully built areas for learning. We give the best surroundings and opportunity to our trainees for maximum learning output.

Exceptional assistance

A good trainer is one who works closely in the sector of their industry and are people who put their heart and soul to it. Well we have just that, we call our trainers the best of the best to give you the education that you want. Our trained experts are there to help you, so at times when you feel like you need assistance, they are there for you.

Experienced Trainers

When working in the industry our trainers have gained a lot of experience on the psychological thinking of people, and have also learned techniques to handle situations. Know that they can give the rightful education to the every person on board our Early Childhood Education and care courses.

Great Learning Environment

We have purpose built classroom and workshop to give you the most advanced learning environment. This way you can learn much faster and more effective than what you would elsewhere.

It’s all about you

When a person decides to do something he or she desires, it means they are emotionally attached to it and wants to be involved with all their passion. Well we here at Child Care Courses Perth understand that, we focus on every individual because at the end of the day it is about you, your career and your life and we simply want the best for you.


Worried about the course to be hard? Don’t be. Our panel of experts have made things easy for you to understand and work directly on the process. We have made things simple for you so you don’t get stuck in the middle of anything and you receive your Certificate III or Diploma in no time.

Value for money

To have maximum return of your investment we have arranged the best staff and the best equipment. We provide you with our highest teaching of child care education so that you can find work, earn money and gain respect in the industry. It is an investment you will not regret nor forget.

Nationally Recognized Training

We are a Certified and nationally recognized professional institute with the facilities mandatory as directed by the authorities. Tied in with a Registered Training Organization, know we have the complete capacity and genuine ability to train.

Career Ready

With workplace partners in the Industry, we provide our trainees to them once graduated. We give you the best placements available as candidates so you can jump straight into the field. So be ready, because we are ready to give you, your best career yet.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Working hard and putting in all our efforts to give you the very best environment from day one to the very last day, in order to give you the choice of career you want. With a 100% rate of success we can give you the assurance of guaranteed satisfaction.

If you want to qualify yourself for a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care or take your qualifications further with a Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care, then Child Care Courses Perth are your go to trainers.

With great training, great facilities and instant work placement. Your new exciting career begins right here.